Rebel Without a Cause

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Frank Stark
Jim Stark
John 'Plato' Crawford

I never thought I'd live to see eighteen. Isn't that dumb? Every day I look in the mirror and say "What? You still here?"

Nobody talks to children. No, they just tell them.

If I had one day when I didn't have to be all confused and I didn't have to feel that I was ashamed of everything. If I felt that I belonged someplace. You know?

You're tearing me apart!

Wanna' see a monkey?

[to Jim] Hey, you want to come home with me? I mean there's nobody home at my house and heck, I'm not tired. Are you? See, I don't have too many people I can talk to...If you want to come, we could talk, and in the morning, we could have breakfast like my dad used to. Gee, if only you could have been my dad.

Oh, I came here a lot of times before, but I never had fun...'cause I was alone.

[to Jim] Why did you run out on me? Why did you leave me alone?...Let go! You're not my father...

Jim, do you think the end of the world will come at nighttime?

You knock 'em dead like your old man used to...Watch out about choosing your pals. You know what I mean? Don't let 'em choose you.

Plato: Hey, you shouldn't monkey with him. He's a wheel.
Jim: Who?
Plato: Buzz. So is she. It's hard to make friends with these guys.
Jim: I don't want to make friends.

[The gang makes clucking sounds at Jim]
Jim: Is that meaning me? Is that meaning me?...Chicken?
Buzz: Yes.
Jim: You shouldn't have called me that. [to Judy] How about you? Huh? Are you always at ringside?...No, I mean what do you hang around such rank company for?
Buzz: What?
Jim: I don't want any trouble.
Gang member: The "blade game" huh, Buzz? [Buzz clicks open his switchblade]
Jim: I thought only punks fought with knives.
Buzz: Well, who's fighting? I'm not fighting. It's examination time, man. It's a crazy game.

Frank: [cleaning a spill, wearing an apron] Shhh. Listen, I'd better, better clean it up before she sees it.
Jim: Let her see it.

Buzz: This is the edge. That's the end.
Jim: Yeah. It certainly is.
Buzz: You know something? I like you. You know that?
Jim: Why do we do this?
Buzz: You got to do something, now don't you?

Judy: Hello, Jamie.
Jim: Jamie? Jamie? Where'd you get that? [He smiles and softly laughs] Huh?
Judy: How long have you known Plato?
Jim: This morning.
Judy: They'll be looking for you.
Jim: I didn't chicken. You saw where I jumped. What do I have to do? Kill myself?
Judy: It doesn't matter to them.
Jim: I guess you're still pretty upset, huh?
Judy: I'm just numb.
Jim: You know something? I woke up this morning, you know, and the sun was shining and it was nice and all that type of stuff. And the first thing - I saw you and, uh, I said, 'Boy, this is gonna be one terrific day, so you better live it up, 'cause tomorrow you'll be nothin'.' See? And I almost was.
Judy: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I treated you mean today. You shouldn't believe what I say when I'm with the rest of the kids. Nobody, nobody acts sincere.
[He kisses her, on the side of her forehead]
Judy: Why did you do that?
Jim: I felt like it.
Judy: Your lips are soft.