Plato: Well, what do you think of my castle?
Jim and Judy: Wow, Shoo, Gee, Wow.
Jim: Well, now, there, then, uh, I think we'll take it for the summer.
Plato: Right this way.
Jim: [to Judy] Oh, uh, uh. Would you like to rent it, or are you more in the mood to buy, dear?
Judy: You decide, darling.
Jim: Oh yes, yes.
Judy: Remember our budget.
Plato: Oh, don't give it a thought. It's, uh, only three million dollars a month.
Jim: What?
Judy: Oh, we can manage that. I'll scrimp and I'll save and I'll work my fingers to the bone.
Jim: You see, we're newlyweds.
Judy: Yes. Oh there's just one thing. What about...
Plato: ...children? Right this way.
Judy: Yes.
Plato: See, we really don't encourage them. They're so noisy and troublesome, don't you agree?
Jim: Eh, drown 'em like puppies, eh.
Plato: [leading them to an empty swimming pool] This is a wonderful arrangement. They can carry on and you'll never even notice.
Jim: Oh, a sunken nursery.
Plato: In fact, if you lock them in, you'll never have to see them again. Much less talk to them.
Judy: Talk to them. Heavens!
Jim: Nobody talks to children.
Judy: No, they just tell them.
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