Judy: Daddy?...Haven't you forgotten something?
Father: What? [She forces a kiss on him] What's the matter with you? You're getting too old for that kind of stuff, kiddo. You stopped doing that long ago.
Judy: I didn't want to stop. I guess I just don't understand anything.
Father: I'm tired. I'd like to change the subject.
Judy: Why?
Father: I'd just like to, that's all. Girls your age don't do things like that. You need an explanation?...
Judy: Girls don't love their father? Since when? Since I got to be 16?
Father: [after slapping her] Stop that! Sit down!
Judy: May I please be excused?
Father: Hey, hey glamour-puss. I'm sorry. We'll break the date. We'll stay home.
Judy: This isn't my home. [She leaves, slamming the door]
Father: I don't know what to do. All of a sudden, she's, she's a problem.
Mother: She'll outgrow it dear, it's just the age...It's just the age when nothing fits.
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