Jim: Hi. Hi. Wait a minute. Hi. I seen you before.
Judy: Well, stop the world.
Jim: You don't have to be unfriendly.
Judy: Well now that's true. But life is crushing in on me.
Jim: Life can be beautiful. I know where it was.
Judy: Where what was?
Jim: Where I first saw ya. Everything going OK now? You live here, don't you?
Judy: Who lives?
Jim: Hey, where's Dawson High?
Judy: At University and 10th.
Jim: Mmm. Thanks.
Judy: You wanna carry my books?
Jim: I got my car. You wanna go with me?
Judy: I go with the kids.
Jim: Yeah, I bet. [the gang drives up] All right.
Judy: You know, I bet you're a real yo-yo.
Jim: [under his breath] I love you too.
Buzz: What's that?
Judy: That's a new disease.
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