2nd Mrs. de Winter: Maxim, does anyone else know this?
de Winter: No, no one except you and me.
2nd Mrs. de Winter: We must explain it. It's got to be the body of someone you've never seen before.
de Winter: No, they're bound to know her. Her rings, bracelets she always wore. They'll identify her body. Then, they'll remember the other woman - the other woman buried in the crypt.
2nd Mrs. de Winter: If they found out it was Rebecca, you will simply say you made a mistake about the other body, that the day you went to Edgecoombe, you were ill, you didn't know what you were doing. Rebecca's dead. That's what we've got to remember. Rebecca's dead. She can't speak. She can't bear witness. She can't harm you anymore. We're the only two people in the world that know Maxim, you and I.
de Winter: I told you once that I'd done a very selfish thing in marrying you. I can understand now what I meant. I've loved you, my darling. I shall always love you. But I've known all along that Rebecca would win in the end.
2nd Mrs. de Winter: No, no. She hasn't won. No matter what happens now, she hasn't won.
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