Gusteau: So, we have given up.
R?my: Why do you say that?
Gusteau: We are in a cage inside a car trunk, awaiting a future in frozen food products.
R?my: No. I'm the one in a cage; I've given up. You...are free.
Gusteau: I am only as free as you imagine me to be, as you are.
R?my: Oh please! I'm sick of pretending. I pretend I'm a rat for my father, I pretend to be a human through Linguini, I-I pretend you exist so I have someone to talk to! You only tell me stuff I already know! I know who I am! Why do I need you to tell me? Why do I need to pretend?
Gusteau: [chuckles] Ah, but you don't, R?my. You never did.
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