Ego: What is it, Ambrister?
Ambrister: Uh, Gusteau's--
Ego: Finally closing, is it?
Ambrister: No--
Ego: More financial trouble?
Ambrister: No, it's-it's--
Ego: Announced a new line of microwave egg rolls? What, what?! Spit it out!
Ambrister: It's-it's come back. It's popular.
Ego: [does a spit-take] I haven't reviewed Gusteau's in years.
Ambrister: No sir.
Ego: [looks through filing cabinet and pulls out a piece of paper] My last review condemned it to the tourist trade!
Ambrister:Yes sir.
Ego: [he reads his review] I said, "Gusteau has finally found his rightful place in history right alongside another equally famous Chef, Monsieur Boyardee."
Ambrister: Touch?.
Ego: That is where I left it.'That was my last word. The last word.
Ambrister: Yes.
Ego: Then tell me, Ambrister. How could it be Pop-u-lar?
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