Father Paul: Father Lonergan!
Father Longergan: Shhh...
Father Paul: It's, it's a big fight in the town!
Father Longergan: And there's a big fight in this fish right here.
Father Paul: I'd have put a stop to it, but you see...
Father Longergan: You do that, lad. It's your duty.
Father Paul: But see now, it's Danahar and Shawn Thornton!
Father Longergan: Who?
Father Paul: Danahar and Shawn Thornton!
Father Longergan: Well why the devil didn't you tell me? [Quickly drops fishing rod and runs]
[The two priests arrive at the scene of the fight]
Father Paul: Father, shouldn't we put a stop to it now?
Father Longergan: [Smiling, making fighting movements] Ah, we should lad, yes we should, it's our duty. Yes, it's our duty... [Smiles as a punch is heard]
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