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"Do you recognize the neighborhood - Little Cuba? Just think - the first time I saw you was only three blocks from here. Of course, the neighborhood was so much more colorful then. Now it's just for whores. You'll fit right in."

(Quentin Glass watches impassively while three hoodlums beat and kick Micky Duka.)
Quentin Glass: You sell homegrown pot by the ounce, Micky, not by the barrel. You sell badly-forged fake passports to Haitians. So what inspired you to become the Mr. Universe of international arms dealers? Micky, you should apologize for the death of Mr. Saint's youngest son.
Micky Duka: Okay, I know how it looks, but Bobby, he buys pot from me. And, and when he found out what I was doing, he insisted on coming in. He put up half the cash. He came of his own free will! (One of the hoodlums kicks him.) If you're gonna kill me, will you leave my face alone - for my mother?
Quentin: We just made your bail. Now, if I'd wanted to kill you I would have left you in jail, where we have friends, and in a way I can only describe as deeply pornographic, you would have been killed. But you're a small piece of shit, and I don't want the Karma of your death on my conscience. But on the other hand, maybe I don't believe in karma. So, guys–
Micky: No, no, no! I'll tell you anything you wanna know!
Quentin: Then this'll be quick. I want to know one thing only: who brokered the deal?
Micky: His name's Otto Krieg. And if it's any comfort to Mr. Saint, he's dead too.
Howard Saint, (entering): Well, it's not. It's actually no comfort at all. But what might be comforting to me is watching the slow death of the man who was supposed to be taking care of my son and making sure he did not get into trouble.

(Castle shows up at a press conference at police headquarters.)
Detective: Castle? Where have you been?
Castle: It's been five months since my family was killed. I don't see one man in jail.
Chief Morris: Obviously, you're upset–
Castle: Upset? Is that the word? I used to get upset when I had a flat tire. I used to get upset when a plane was delayed. I used to get upset when the Yankees won the Series. So if that's what "upset" means, then how do I feel now? If you know the word, tell me, because I don't.

"If they knew, they would've told. Guess they must not have known."

"Actually, Howard, we don't have more guns. Now, it's my duty..."

"Fifty thousand dollars apiece, and fifty thousand more to the man who kills him. If you accept this money, you're in till it's over."

Frank Castle: You're right. Good memories can save your life. When Dave gets out of the hospital, check the cupboard. I left something — for all of you.
Joan: You're leaving?
Castle: I have work to do. Read your newspaper every day. You'll understand.
Joan: Which section?
Castle: Obituaries.

"I don't know much, but I'm good with a needle. Don't ask."

(Castle has joined his neighbors for dinner in Joan's apartment.)
Joan: I know it's not Thanksgiving, but, um, I'd like us all to say what we're thankful for. I'll start. Um...I'm thankful to be alive this year. And to have a job, and to be sober.
Dave: Yeah - I'm thankful for my mom...getting out of jail. You now, it's, it's cool. And this girl gave me her number...which is also cool.
Bumpo: Thanks for leftovers-I'm full. Thanks for Diet Pepsi. And thanks for good neighbors.
(There is a long, awkward silence while everyone stares at Castle.)
Castle: Thanks for dinner.
. . .
Joan: I know what it's like. I know what it's like to try and make your memories go away. You can make new memories. Good ones. Good memories can save your life.
Castle: I'm not what you're looking for.

Candelaria: Vaya con Dios, Castle. Go with God.
Frank Castle: God's gonna sit this one out.

"The man responsible for my son's death must die."

"Thank you for that explanation." (just before shooting the person addressed.)

"Make Castle DEAD! I don't care what it takes, what it costs. Call the Russian."

And if you look in my eye, in time you'll find the reason I'm here.
And in time all things shall pass away, and in time you may come back some day
To live once more,
Or die once more,
But in time your time will be no...more." (sung)
"I know you. You're that boy in the newspaper...came back from the dead."

"Okay, why don't you and I see if we can discover the true nature of pain?"