Quentin Glass: Where's Castle? (Dave and Bumpo stare at the floor.) Frank Castle. Who lives here. (to Bumpo) I asked you a question, fat man.
Dave: Leave him alone.
Quentin: Then I'll ask you. Where's Castle?
Dave: He's not here.
Quentin: Really? Are you sure?
Dave: (mumbles unintelligibly.)
Quentin: What did you say? Hmm? I'm having a difficult time hearing you.
Dave: I said, "I'm not saying shit".
Quentin: I don't want you to say "shit", I want you to answer me. You don't want to say anything about anything you might know? (He gets a set of pliers from tool cabinet and sits facing Dave.) Well, maybe we should get to know each other better. What's your name?
Dave: Dave.
Quentin: You go to school around here? (Dave shakes his head.) You don't go to school?
Dave: No. No, I dropped out.
Quentin: You dropped out? You're not doing drugs, are you?
Dave: Not right now...
Quentin: And what are you doing with all this stuff? What is that?
Dave: Piercings.
Quentin: Piercings. Did it hurt when you did that?
Dave: Not really.
Quentin: You like that, when it hurt a little bit?
Dave: No.
Quentin, pointing to eyebrow ring: That's a special one there, isn't it? Is that your favorite? That's hard to get.
Dave: Yeah.
Quentin, fiddling with pliers: Answer my question, please.
Dave: No.
Quentin: Come here. (He reaches for Dave's eyebrow ring with pliers.)
Dave: No... NO! (Quentin pins Dave's head and grabs the ring.)
Quentin: (to Bumpo) Your friend's about to have a bad day. You can save him by talking. It doesn't have to be this way. (to Dave) You think you know about pain, boy? What do you know about pain? Huh? (He rips out eyebrow ring; Dave screams.) That's okay, that's okay. Dave? Li'l Dave? Are you gonna tell me?
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