Joan: I, uh, I've lived in seven cities in seven years, and in each one I've managed to find the one guy who'll treat me the worst. But I'm trying to fix that. You're Castle.
Castle: Used to be.
Joan: We saw you on T.V.
Castle: I don't have one.
Joan: I'm Joan. Dave's the one with all the, uh, the metal? And Bumpo's the one that...well, you can probably figure out which one Bumpo is. We're really sorry.
Castle: About what?
Joan: About your family.
Castle: Did you know them?
Joan: No.
Castle: I'm over it.
(Through the door, Joan sees a whiskey bottle on the table in Castle's otherwise bare apartment.)
Joan: Don't let your memories kill you.
Castle: They won't kill me.
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