(At the city morgue)
Howard Saint: He was such a special boy...
Police Detective: Sir, are you confirming that this is your son, Robert Saint?
Saint: He deserved better. Someone lied to him - promised him one thing, gave him another. Do you know that I used to have to dress him till he was thirteen? I'd tie his ties and comb his hair...I'll have to get him a new suit. (He kisses his son's forehead.) Who is Otto Krieg? Who are the people who work for him? Who are his friends? Who would stand to make money from this deal? Tell me.
Detective: We can't talk about the case, Mr. Saint. Now, I understand your grief, but for your own safety, leave this to the professionals.
Saint: Professionals...yes. I'll do that. I'll do that. Goodbye, son.
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