Tom Cassidy: Yeah, tomorrow's the day! My sweet little girl -- [He leers over at Marion] -- Oh, oh, not you -- my daughter, a baby. And tomorrow she stands her sweet self up there and gets married away from me. I want you to take a look at my baby. Eighteen years old, and she never had an unhappy day in any of those years!
George Lowery: Come on, Tom. My office is air conditioned.
Tom Cassidy: You know what I do about unhappiness? I buy it off. Are, uh, are you unhappy?
Marion Crane: Not inordinately.
Tom Cassidy: I'm buying this house for my baby's wedding present. Forty thousand dollars, cash! Now that's not buying happiness. That's just buying off unhappiness. [waves money in front of Marion] I never carry more than I can afford to lose! Count 'em.
Caroline: I declare!
Tom Cassidy: [staring at Marion] I don't! That's how I get to keep it!
George Lowery: Tom, uh... cash transactions of this size! Most irregular.
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