Psycho II

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Main cast
Norman Bates

Norman Bates: Would you care to share my toasted cheese sandwich?
Mrs. Emma Spool: No, thank you. You were expecting me.
Norman Bates: I was expecting someone else.
Norman Bate's Mother: I'm not sleepy. Put me closer to the window I want to keep my eyes on you make sure you don't start playing with filthy girls again.
Norman Bates: Yes Mother
Norman Bate's Mother: Good. Well what are you looking at go down stairs and open the motel what do you expect us to live on huh.
Norman Bates: No mother.
Norman Bate's Mother: Remember Norman I'm the only one who loves you. Only your Mother truly loves you.

Actor Role Anthony Perkins Norman Bates Vera Miles Lila Loomis Robert Loggia Dr. Bill Raymond Meg Tily Mary Loomis Dennis Franz Warren Toomey Hugh Gillin Sheriff John Hurt Claudia Bryar Mrs. Emma Spool Robert Alan Browne Ralph Statler Lee Garlington Myrna Garlington Janet Leigh Marion Crane (flashback)