Mary Loomis: Can I use your phone again?
Norman Bates: Sure. Who you're gonna call?
Mary Loomis: Uh, I just remembered of a girl friend I have in town, well, she's sort of a girl friend, but maybe she'll let me spend the night at her place.
Norman Bates: I thought you were going to stay here. You're more than welcome stay, there's a free room upstairs.
Mary Loomis: I don't think that's a good idea.
Norman Bates: Why?
Mary Loomis: Look, I don't wanna hurt your feelings or anything, but Myrna talked about you on the diner today. Mrs. Spool told her to shut up but she didn't. She said you've been locked up.
Norman Bates: [upset] Did she tell you why?
[Mary nods no]
Norman Bates: Well, I'll tell you. When I was little, I had a fight with my mother, so I put some poison in her tea, you know. But I'm all right now.
Mary Loomis: You sure?
Norman Bates: Sure! Otherwise, they wouldn't give me a job on a diner, would they?
Mary Loomis: I don't know, it takes a nut to work there.
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