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Jellon Lamb: [Capturing Charlie Burns] Good boy! Nice and tight, eh? Right. Up we get. [Charlie struggles] Oh, no, I wouldn't try that if I were you. Ligatures and knots are one of my many talents. Right. And it appears that you are singularly bereft of any talents whatsoever, Mr. Burns. To be speared by a savage? How extraordinarily quaint. Easy, Mr. Burns. I was drunk. You only got me because I was drunk. Well, I'm not drunk now. I'm on the job now. Not a bad days' work, either. For what is an Irishman, but a **** turned inside out. Now, we're gonna sit down on this log. Nice and easy, Mr. Burns. There. [Jellon is shot in the back]
Arthur Burns: [walks up] I really need to stop saving your life, brother.

Jellon Lamb: [speaking about Arthur Burns] We are white men, Sir, not beasts. Oh, he sits up there in those melancholy hills; some say he sleeps in caves like a beast, slumbers deep like the Kraken. The blacks say that he is a spirit. The troopers will never catch him. Common force is meaningless, Mr. Murphy, as he squats up there on his impregnable perch. So I wait, Mr. Murphy. I wait.
Charlie Burns: [Knocks Jellon out with a beer mug] Aye, you wait. You wait here... bounty hunter.

Charlie Burns: So, what is it that you want?
Capt. Stanley: I want Arthur Burns
Charlie Burns: I no longer ride with me brother.
[Stanley takes out his gun, pauses for a moment, and then pistol whips Mikey across the face]
Capt. Stanley: Now, I will allow you a moment to think about it.

I wish to present you with a proposition. I know where Arthur Burns is. It is is a godforsaken place. The blacks won't go there, nor the trackers. Not even my own men. I suppose, in time, the bounty hunters will get him. But I have other plans. I aim to bring him down. I aim to show that he is a man like any other. I aim to hurt him. And what will most hurt him? Well, I've thought long and hard about that. And I've realized, Mr. Burns, that I must become a little more inventive in my methods.

Australia. What fresh Hell is this?

Martha Stanley: But he's no more than a boy.
Sgt. Lawrence: Oh, he's man enough, Ma'am. Man enough, indeed.

Jellon Lamb: Forgive me, sir, but I've been stuck here with no one but this sorry sack of Hibernian pig shit for conversation. Poor, poor Dan O'Reilly. Sit, sir. Drink with me.
[Charlie ****s his gun and points it to Lamb]
Charlie Burns: One more crack about the Irish, Mr. Lamb, and I'll shoot you. Am I clear?
Jellon Lamb: Oh, as the waters of Ennis, sir. Let us drink, then, to the Irish. No finer race of men have ever... peeled a potato.
[Charlie ****s his gun again and points it to Lamb]
Charlie Burns: Do you pray, Mr. Lamb?
Jellon Lamb: Good Lord, son. No, I do not.

What happened at the Hopkins place was unforgivable. I have never seen such a sickening sight. Did you know that that poor woman, Eliza Hopkins, had a child in her belly?

I was, in days gone by, a believer. But, alas, I came to this beleaguered land and the God in me just... evaporated. Let us change our toast, then, to the God that has forgotten us.

Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Jellon Lamb. Citizen of the world, you might say, an adventurer, and, if I may be so bold, a man of no little education.

I've kept company with bad men all my life.

Jellon Lamb: "There's night and day, brother. Both sweet things. Sun, moon and stars, all sweet things. Very quiet now. There's a wind on the heath. Life is very... sweet, brother."
Arthur Burns: "Life is very sweet, brother. Who would wish to die?" George Borrow, I believe. A worthy writer and a beautiful sentiment, sir. But you're not my brother.

Mr. Murphy, Russia, China, the Congo. Oh, I have traveled among unknown people in lands beyond the sea. But nothing, nothing could've prepared me for this godforsaken hole.

Charles, eh? Perhaps you've read On the Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection by Charles Darwin? Oh, don't be thrown by the title, he had some most fascinating things to say. Chilling things! Mr. Darwin spent time studying Aboriginals. He claims we are, at bottom... one and the same! [laughs] He infers, Mr. Murphy, that we a share a common ancestry with monkeys! Monkeys!

Arthur Burns is a monster. An abomination.