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Mikey's not the same stuff as us. We will be flung to the depths, you and I.

Love. Love is the key. Love and family. For what are night and day, the sun, the moon, the stars without love and those you love around you? What could more hollow than to die alone, unloved?

Molly O'Boyle, my arse.

[After being shot] Oh, not the gut, Charlie. Shit.

[As Samuel tries to rape Martha] Listen to that. He sings just like a bird.

This may hurt.

I was, in days gone by, a believer. But, alas, I came to this beleaguered land and the God in me just... evaporated. Let us change our toast, then, to the God that has forgotten us.

Mr. Murphy, Russia, China, the Congo. Oh, I have traveled among unknown people in lands beyond the sea. But nothing, nothing could've prepared me for this godforsaken hole.

You see, Mr. Murphy, I am something of a fortune hunter.

[motions for Charlie to put his gun away] No, no need for that. No need for that. We are white men, you and I!

Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Jellon Lamb. Citizen of the world, you might say, an adventurer, and, if I may be so bold, a man of no little education.

Charles, eh? Perhaps you've read On the Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection by Charles Darwin? Oh, don't be thrown by the title, he had some most fascinating things to say. Chilling things! Mr. Darwin spent time studying Aboriginals. He claims we are, at bottom... one and the same! [laughs] He infers, Mr. Murphy, that we a share a common ancestry with monkeys! Monkeys!

You've got the wrong ****ing black man.

Here's your knife back, you dog.

I think the job's ****ing done.