Howard: I was not saying the call letters right. It's a big problem, so in order to rectify this, I brought in a cup of Blackswell's semen.
Robin: Semen?
Fred: I squoze it myself. I hope it's not too tangy.
Robin: And what are you gonna do with it?
Howard: I'm gonna gargle with this and say the call letters over and over again until I get it right.
Robin: You think that'll work?
Howard: I don't care, 'cause I love the taste of a man. Ooga.
Fred: There she blows.
Howard: Oh. Can you believe it?
Robin: You just swallowed.
Howard: I swallowed. Oh, my God.
Fred: Waste not, want not, Robin.
Howard: Oh! I wanna say I love W N BC. See? It worked. I can say it.
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