Alison: How could you do that? Do you think that was funny? You think it's funny to make jokes about our personal life like that? You're an asshole!
Howard: What are you talking about? Alison, I love you. What are you talking about?
Alison: Howard, not everything is for your audience. I need a life that is ours, that belongs to us.
Howard: I'm on the air 6 hours a day. I'm trying to come up with material. I hate going out.
Alison: Too bad!
Howard: I said when we came here, if I was gonna win on the radio, I'd have to talk about everything. I couldn't hold back.
Alison: Howard...
Howard: Come on, last night we were laughing about this. I just assumed you thought it was funny.
Alison: It was funny for us last night. Privately, for us.
Howard: Alison, if I don't talk about you and me on the air...
Alison: Shut up. Shut up.
Howard: The audience isn't gonna be there.
Alison: Shut up! Shut up!
Howard: I won't make any money.
Alison: Shut up! You disgust me! I can't even look at you, idiot!
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