Howard: Hi, honey. Robin Leach says we should move to Antigua.
Alison: [taking off her clothes] Oh, yeah? Come on, hurry up. Snap to it. I'm ovulating.
Howard: I'm in the middle of important show research.
Alison: Howard, seriously, come on.
Howard: You know what? You're getting baby fever here. And you know, maybe it's a little premature. I'm about two days away from being fired, the way I figure it. And do you want to know something? You got to think about the economics of this.
Alison: You're gonna be the best morning man in the history of radio. At any minute, you're gonna be number one.
Howard: Is that so?
Alison: Yeah! Strip!
Howard: Let me tell you something. Look at yourself. You're completely on fire about having a baby. You don't understand. I'm not a piece of meat. I mean, I have to be romanced.
Alison: Oh, yeah. Please.
Howard: Ooh, look at that bra. Where did you get that?
Alison: You like this?
Howard: OK. That's it. That's it! I am making a baby! It's baby time! I'm ready to give you a baby.
Alison: Thank you.
Howard: Hold on. [pulls pants down and hops towards her]
Alison: OK. Now I'm hot. Now I actually want to have sex. I didn't before and now I do.
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