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You know you look like Shaft?

I love your eyebrows. We'll call them Frida and Kahlo.

If Brooke Shields married Groucho Marx, their child would have your eyebrows.

Will the Feng Shui club please stop rearranging the tables on the lawn?

Remember, virtual homework may not be submitted for actual credit.

Queen Clarisse (upon first seeing Mia): You look so...young.
Mia: Uh, thank you. And you look so... (Clarisse raises her eyebrows) clean.

Mia: I can't do this, I'm a girl!
Gym Teacher Harbula: What am I, a duck?

Mia: Joe, can you drop us off a block from the school? I don't want to cause a riot with this hearse.
Joe: This is a non-riot hearse. If it were a hearse, there would be silence in the backseat.

Joe: This is betweeen a waltz and a tango.
Mia: It's a wango?