Moses: Rameses?
Rameses: Let me guess. You want me to... let your people go.
Moses: I... hoped I might find you here.
Rameses: Get out! [throws a bowl at him]
Moses: Ramses, we must bring this to an end. [pause] Come on, talk to me. We could always talk here. [pause] This place... so many memories... I remember the time you... [chuckles] switched the heads of the gods in the Temple of Ra.
Rameses: If I recall correctly, you were there switching heads right along with me.
Moses: No, that was you, I didn't do that.
Rameses: Yes you did. You put the hippo on the crocodile and the crocodile...
Moses: [remembers] ...on the falcon.
Rameses: Yes! And the priests thought it was a horrible omen and fasted for two months! Father was furious! You were always getting me into trouble! [pauses and smiles] But then... you were always there to get me... out of trouble again. Why can't things be the way they were before?
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