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Dutch: What's this ****ing tie business?
Dillon: C'mon, forget about my tie, man!...

Bunch of slack-jawed ****s around here. This stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.


Poncho: Major, you better come take a look at this.
Dutch: Did you find Hawkins?
Poncho: I... I can't tell.

He was... My friend.

This place makes Cambodia look like Kansas.

Bleed, bastard!

My team always works alone, you know that.

What's the matter? The CIA got you pushin' too many pencils?

My men are not expendable. And I don't do this kind of work.

[trying to lure the Predator into a trap] Come on!!! I'm right here. What are you waiting for, Kill me, Do it now!!!

[after seeing the Predator's true face] You're one, UGLY... mother****er.

Payback time...


This cabinet minister, does he always travel on the wrong side of the border?