Bluto quotes


[arriving at the Oyl's party, picking up Mrs. Oyl] Mother!

[picking flower petals] She'll MARRY me!! She won't! She will!!

Okay, shorty, from now on the whole world is gonna be double taxed. Triple taxed. Quadruple taxed! Surtaxed! Exercised taxed! OVERtaxed! And, THUMB TAXED!!

[singing] I'm so mean, I had a dream of beatin' myself up. Broke my nose, I broke my hand, I wrestled myself to the ground and then, I choked myself to death and broke the choke and woke up. Argh! I'm mean. You know what I mean. If you know what I mean, you'll know what I mean! I'm mean! Meaner than..., I sure am mean! Yeah, mean. I'm meaner than that. You know what I mean. I'm so damn mean! I'm mean!

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