Larry: Holy cow! Look there. It's Clay all right, there's no mistaking that.
Kelton: And he's got Mrs. Trent!
Larry: Get your gun ready.
Kelton: From all I've seen tonight guns won't do any good. Clay is dead, and we buried him. How are we going to kill somebody that's already dead? Dead! And yet there he stands! That other one earlier I emptied a full clip into him .
Larry: I'm seeing it, that's the only reason I'm listening to you. Look, I've got an idea. Hurt him or not, we've got to try something. I'm going to sneak up behind him and whop him over the head. That oughta make him move. Follow me. Even when Clay was alive he couldn't run fast enough to catch me, so when he does, you grab Mrs. Trent and run like lightning in the opposite direction.
Kelton: Oh, you think it will work?
Larry: Know anything else to try?
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