Gen. Roberts: Sit down. I understand, Colonel, you've been on tap for many of our saucer attacks.
Col. Edwards: I'm in charge of field operations, Sir.
Gen. Roberts: You believe there are such things as flying saucers, Colonel?
Col. Edwards: Yessir.
Gen. Roberts: You've seen them?
Col. Edwards: Yessir.
Gen. Roberts: You realize there's a government directive stating that there is no such thing as a flying saucer?
Col. Edwards: Yessir.
Gen Roberts: Do you stand by your statement that you've seen flying saucers?
Col. Edwards: Well, uh, yessir.
Gen. Roberts: This could mean a court marshall. Admitting this against direct orders.
Col. Edwards: General Roberts, may I speak freely?
Gen. Roberts: You may.
Col. Edwards: How could I hope to hold down my command if I didn't believe in what I saw and shot at?
Gen. Roberts: I, uh, like you Colonel.
Col. Edwards: Thank you, Sir.
Gen. Roberts: There are flying saucers. There's no doubt they are in our skies. They've been there for some time.
Col. Edwards: What're we going to do about them?
Gen. Roberts: Who knows?
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