Will: If there was anything could be done to bring him back... Elizabeth...
Tia Dalma: Would you do it? Hmmm? What... would you? Hmmm? What would any of you be willing to do? Hmmm? Would you sail to the end or the earth, and beyond, to fetch back witty Jack and 'im precious Pearl?
Gibbs: Aye!
Pintel: Aye!
Ragetti: Aye!
Cotton's Parrot: *Squawk!* Aye, aye!
Elizabeth: Yes.
Will: Aye.
Tia Dalma: Good. But if you're goin' brave de weird and haunted shores at World's End, den... you will need a captain who knows dose waters.
[a man wearing boots descends the stairs into the room. The crew stare in surprise at...]
Barbossa: So tell me, what's become of my ship? [bites into an apple.] Har har har ha!
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