Tia Dalma: You know of Davy Jones, yes? A man of the sea. A great sailor. Until he ran afoul of that which vexes all men.
Will: What vexes all men?
Tia Dalma: What, indeed?
Gibbs: The sea?
Pintel: Sums?
Ragetti: The dichotomy of good and evil?
[Everyone stares at Ragetti.]
Jack: A woman.
Tia Dalma: See, it was a woman. He fell in love...
Gibbs: No, no, no, I heard it was the sea he fell in love with.
Tia Dalma: [cutting off all argument.] Same story, different versions. And all are true. You see, it was a woman. As harsh, changing and untamable like the sea. Him never stopped loving her...
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