[Jack has escaped the brig and located the chest, gaurded by Mullroy and Murtogg] Mullroy: Halt there, or we'll shoot! [He and Murtogg point mini-cannons at Jack, but are visibly shaken by blast from the outer fight]
Jack: [Pauses, then smiles] Good one. Just come to get my effects! [looks around at the two] ... Admirable though it may be, why are you here when you could be elsewhere?
Murtogg: Somebody has to stay and guard the chest. [points the cannon back at the chest]
Mullroy: [as Jack is taking his effects] There's no question, there's been a breakdown in military discipline aboard this vessel.
Murtogg: I blame the fish-people.
Mullroy: [Sarcastically] Oh, so fish-people, by dint of being fish-people, automatically aren't as disciplined as non-fish people?
Murtogg: [as Jack is taking the chest, which neither seem to notice] Seems contributory, is all I'm suggesting.
Mullroy: It is true, if there were no fish-people, there'd be no need to guard the chest.
Murtogg: And if there were no chest, we wouldn't need to be here to guard it.
[both realize that the chest is gone, and the apparent danger they're in]
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