Mabel: Frederic, these are the 1880s. You can't live your life by the outmoded conventions of a neo-imperialist society. Find your true center!
Frederic: What? You mean Zen piracy?
Mabel: [unlaces her shirt and pulls it down to reveal her corset] Frederic, have you ever worn a whalebone corset? Well no, we established that, didn't we? It chokes and strangles, Frederic! I won't be choked an strangled by someone else's dumb ideas of custom and duty! [to stone statue] Would you, Harry, would you? [to Frederic] Never to know the rich and real wonderous person beating and throbbing inside me. Frederic, can you see me throbbing?
Frederic: I see! I see! I'm throbbing too!
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