Crackers: Ew, their bedroom, their **** chamber itself!
Babs Johnson: This is where they mate, Crackers, right here on this very bed, this is where they touch their uninspired little organs together, vainly trying to recharge their worn out battery of filthiness, thrashing and moaning in the still of the night!
Crackers: What kinda shit turns them on, Mama? What do they do in here?
Babs Johnson: Oh all sorts of disgusting positions I would imagine, Crackers. Connie probably takes Raymond's little peanut of a **** between her brittle chapped lips and then scrapes her ugly decayed teeth up and down on it while asshole Raymond thinks he's getting the best head on the East Coast! Then they probably sit here and stare at each other's blue and red hair, while they goose each other and say dirty words!
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