Raymond Marble: As you know, Divine has achieved a sort of fame lately, both locally and on the national level. You may have heard the term the "filthiest person alive"?
Cookie: I have heard the term, yes. The papers call her that and she is known as that to a limited extent in your more crime-conscious sections of the city.
Connie Marble: Well we feel this to be an untrue statement! We feel that Raymond and I far surpass her in every aspect of the term filth. As you know, we run a baby ring. It's really a very simple process, we keep two girls at all time who are impregnated by Channing, our rather fertile servant. We sell the babies to lesbian couples, and then we invest the money in various businesses around town.
Raymond Marble: We own a few pornography shops, plus we front money to a chain of heroin-pushers in the inner-city elementary schools.
Connie Marble: We feel the attention that's been focused on Divine lately is most unfair. She is merely a common thief and murderer. Unfortunately for us our line of work limits our chances for publicity and travel, but this does not mean that we wish to go unnoticed. After all, we have not worked all these years in order to be outstaged by this fat hog that calls herself divine!
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