Outbreak quotes

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[Sam rouses Casey out of his viral delirium.]
Casey Schuler: How many brain cells did I kill?
Sam Daniels: How many? 'Bout a billion.
Casey Schuler: Ooh... now I'm only as smart as you.
Sam Daniels: Heh-heh. What can we give him to kill his sense of humor?

Col. Sam Daniels: You could have stopped this outbreak before it mutated, but you didn't.
Gen. Billy Ford: We couldn't.
Col. Sam Daniels: We?
Gen. Billy Ford: We.
Col. Sam Daniels: We?
Gen. Billy Ford: We! That's all you need to know.
. . .
Col. Sam Daniels: Robby's infected.
Gen. Billy Ford: Sorry.
Col. Sam Daniels: Is "we" sorry, too?
. . .
Gen. Billy Ford: Who is "we"? "We" includes you, Sam. Unless you resigned from the Army in the last week. You don't just do research and it ends there, Sam. We have to defend ourselves against the other maniacs who are developing biological weapons.

Sgt. Meyer: Sir, my pilot's... taking a leak.
Sam Daniels: A leak? No shit!

[Daniels and Salt barge through a crowded line at a Federal export clearance office.]
Sam Daniels: Colonel Daniels, from USAMRIID. I'm sorry.
George: Yes, and I'm George from Sioux City, Iowa. Back of the line, Colonel.
Sam Daniels: We got a terrible epidemic. We're from Cedar Creek, George. [to the crowd] We're from Cedar Creek, California!
[Everyone backs away. George looks worried.]
Sam Daniels: George, you heard about this virus — need we say more? Okay, we need all the bills of lading from ships arriving from Africa [clasps George's hands] in the last three months. George!
George: [nervously] Uh-huh... huh?
Sam Daniels: Shall I cough on you, George?
. . .
Maj. Salt: The Tae Kuk has set out to sea already, sir.
Sam Daniels: So what?
Maj. Salt: How're we gonna locate it?
Mrs. Pananides: I got a friend in the Coast Guard. I can make a call, easy.
Sam Daniels: How close a friend?
Mrs. Pananides: Closer than his wife would like.

Maj. Salt: You want me to fly you out to sea... drop you onto a freighter? Sir, with all due respect, that is idiotic.
Sam Daniels: Idiotic? Lemme ask you a question. Are we fugitives from the law?
Maj. Salt: Right.
Sam Daniels: Idiocy is our only option.
. . .
Sam Daniels: Just don't get negative on me.
Maj. Salt: Affirmative.
. . .
Sam Daniels: That's it! Thank you, Mrs.— what's her name?
Maj. Salt: Pananides!
Sam Daniels: Thank you, ma'am.

[Colonel Briggs hands General McClintock an address.]
Col. Briggs: They're headed right there, and I got two teams on standby.
Gen. Donald McClintock: Good, Briggs — a potential screw-up you managed to avoid among many others you have not. Who do you think should handle this now?
Col. Briggs: You, sir?
Gen. Donald McClintock: You kiss ass with the best of them, Briggs. You hope to make General one day?
Col. Briggs: Yes, sir.
Gen. Donald McClintock: Well, you won't.

Gen. Donald McClintock: With all due respect, Col. Daniels, if you do not follow us to Travis Air Force Base, I will blow you out of the sky!
Sam Daniels: General, with all due respect, **** you, sir.

[Daniels tries to stop the oncoming bomber plane.]
Sam Daniels: Ohh, Christ, guys, if you think I'm lying, drop the bomb. If you think I'm crazy, drop the bomb. But don't drop the bomb just because you're following orders!

Gen. Donald McClintock: Nobody puts me under arrest. Nobody.
[Col. Briggs stops him, drawing his pistol.]
Gen. Donald McClintock: Colonel Briggs. What a wonderful moment this must be for you.
[Briggs grins.]

[Sam and Robby talk as she's recovering from the disease.]
Robby Keough: It's a pretty unique experience.
Sam Daniels: Sorta like living with me.
Robby Keough: Mm-hmm.
Sam Daniels: Would you go through it again?
Robby Keough: Maybe. Now that I have the antibodies.