Devlin: It gets a bit lonely squatting on a bench all day.
Alicia: Yes, Rio can be a very dull town.
Devlin: What's new?
Alicia: Nothing. What's new with you?
Devlin: Nothing. Any domestic troubles about the other night?
Alicia: No.
Devlin: Any footprints in that sand yet?
Alicia: No, nothing yet.
Devlin: Just a social visit, huh?
Alicia: A little fresh air helps.
Devlin: You don't look so hot...Sick?
Alicia: No. Hangover.
Devlin: That's news! Back to the bottle again, huh?
Alicia: It sort of lightens my chores.
Devlin: Big party?
Alicia: Just the family circle.
Devlin: Sounds quite jolly.
Alicia: It helps life in a dull town.
Devlin: You ought to take it easy on that liquor.
Alicia: Don't you find Rio a little hard to take too?
Devlin: Not a bad town. You look all mashed up. It must have been quite an evening.
Alicia: It was.
Devlin: OK, if you want to play that way, go on and have fun. No reason why you shouldn't.
Alicia: That's right, Dev.
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