Alicia: Alex, he's seen us.
Devlin: Wait a minute, I'm gonna kiss you.
Alicia: No, he'll only think we - No...
Devlin: It's what I want him to think.
[They kiss]
Devlin: Push me away.
Alex: I'm sorry to intrude on this tender scene.
Alicia: I couldn't help what happened. He's been drinking.
Alex: You love him.
Devlin: For what it's worth as an apology, your wife is telling the truth. I knew her before you, loved her before you. But I wasn't as lucky as you.
[Devlin leaves]
Alicia: Alex, don't be foolish. I-I came down because he threatened to make a scene...I couldn't stop him. I tried.
Alex: He kissed you.
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