Young Noah: [Hanging from the ferris wheel] Will you go out with me?
Young Allie: What? No.
Young Noah: No?
Young Allie: No.
Young Noah: Why not?
Young Allie: I don't know, because I don't want to.
Young Noah: OK, then you leave me no other choice.
[Let's his left hand fall to his side]
Young Allie: [Screaming] AHHHH!
Young Noah: I'm gonna ask you one more time. Will you or will you not go out with me? Goddammit my hand's slipping.
Young Allie: OK, OK. Fine, I'll go out with you.
Young Noah: No, don't do me any favors.
Young Allie: No, no I want to.
Young Noah: You do?
Young Allie: Yes!
Young Noah: Say it.
Young Allie: I wanna go out with you!
Young Noah: Say it again.
Young Noah: [Lifting his left hand from his side and grabbing onto the bar] Alright, fine, we'll go out.
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