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Mr. Briggs
Reggie Ray

Sports Announcer: Damn, those bitches represent!

Catherine: I want you.
Jake: But, you're my sister.
Catherine: Only by blood.
Jake: [shoves Catherine off] What is wrong with this family?!

Coach says it's okay to bleed from the ears.

Girl at Party: Dude, you can't start a slow clap at any time and expect everyone to join in.

Amanda: Do you think I sleep with every pathetic guy who writes me a letter? No. I give them hand jobs.

Cheerleaders: We are the North Compton Wildcats / We're black, we know it / We shake our big booties and we show it / We ain't white / We ain't white / We definitely ain't white. Break it down, niggas!

No man, maybe I'll hang around. Maybe tell Janey a little S-E-C-R-A-T...P.

Looks like little miss run home to my daddy, ran home to her daddy.

Sure, why not? I am the token black guy. I'm just supposed to smile and stay out of the conversation and say things like: "Damn," "Shit," and "That is whack."

Damn, that shit is whack.

I'm only in this song because I'm a black guy!

Good night, Pumpkin Tits.

come on outta there honey.. quit fartin' around

You put the "ass" in "ebbarrasment" You put the "suck" in "liposuction" You put the "ooo" in "jiu-jitsu" You put the "ism" in "This is all just a defense mechanism".

Cheerleader: You better bring it.
Priscilla: Oh, it's already been brought-en.