Eve: I wanted to tell you, I mean apologize.
Roger: No need. I understand. All in the line of duty.
Eve: I did treat you miserably.
Roger: I, uh, I hated you for it.
Eve: I didn't want you to go on thinking that I...
Roger: I, I used some pretty harsh words, I'm sorry.
Eve: They hurt deeply.
Roger: Naturally if I'd known.
Eve: I couldn't tell you.
Roger: Of course not.
Eve: Could I?
Roger: No, I guess not.
Eve: I guess I had nothing to do that weekend, so I decided to fall in love.
Roger: That's nice.
Eve: Eventually, the Professor and his Washington colleagues approached me with a few sordid details about Philip. They told me that my relationship with him made me uniquely valuable to them.
Roger: Mm-mmm. So you became a Girl Scout, huh?
Eve: Maybe it was the first time anyone ever asked me to do anything worthwhile.
Roger: Has life been like that?
Eve: Mm-hmm.
Roger: How come?
Eve: Men like you!
Roger: What's wrong with men like me?
Eve: They don't believe in marriage.
Roger: I've been married twice.
Eve: See what I mean?
Roger: Now I may go back to hating you: it was more fun. [They kiss passionately.]
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