Jack Skellington quotes

[Singing] And since I am dead, I can take off my head, to recite Shakespearean quotations / No animal or man can SCREAM like I can, with the fury of my recitations!

[Singing] What's this? / What's this? / There's color everywhere / What's this? / There's white things in the air / What's this? / I can't believe my eyes, I must be dreaming / Wake up, Jack! This isn't fair! / What's this?

[Singing] There's children throwing snowballs / instead of throwing heads / they're busy building toys / and absolutely no one's dead!

And they call him "Sandy Claws".

[Singing] Of course I've been too close to see, the answer's right in front of me!

[Singing] Just because I cannot see it doesn't mean I can't believe it!

[Singing] You know, I think this Christmas thing / Is not as tricky as it seems, / And why should they have all the fun? / It should belong to anyone! / Not anyone, in fact, but me! / Why, I could make a Christmas tree, / And there's no reason I can find / I couldn't handle Christmas time! / I bet I could improve it, too, / And that's exactly what I'll do!

Eureka! This year Christmas will be ours!

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