Icey Spoon quotes

No woman is able to raise growing youngsters alone. The Lord meant that job for two...It ain't a question of want it or not want it. You're no spring chicken. You're a grown woman with two little young-uns. It's a man you need in the house, Willa Harper.

[about Powell] It's a mighty good man would go out of his way to bring a word of cheer to a grieving widow.

[to Willa] That fella is just aching to settle down with some nice woman and make a home for himself...If ever I saw a sign from heaven...Pearl dotes on him.

When you been married to a man forty years, you know all that don't amount to a hill o' beans. I been married to my Walt that long and I swear, in all that time, I just lie there thinkin' about my canning....A woman's a fool to marry for that. That's somethin' for a man. The good Lord never meant for a decent woman to want that, not really want it. It's all just a fake and a pipe dream.

[at Powell's trial] Lynch him. Lynch him. Bluebeard. Twenty-five wives, and he killed every last one of 'em.

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