Vladmir Lenin quotes

You must understand that you are free to say whatever you like. You must also understand that I am free to shoot you for saying it.

[Lenin is living in a squalid apartment in France. The Bolshevik party is in big trouble; having been infiltarted by the Ohkrana and is near ruin. Lenin is not faring well himself having to go into exile. He is confirming his depression to his wife.]

In my ten years of exile, I have only been to Russia three months. I speak, no one listens to me. I write, no one bothers to read what I publish. I am out of style, no one is wearing me this season. I know what happens to expatriates; they go mad or they fade away in lands they are not native to. Is this all there is. I mean, three hundred years of Romanovs. What is there to say there will not be three hundred more?

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