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Sgt. Kesuke Miyagi

Juile Pierce: That was great, Mr. Miyagi.
Sgt. Kesuke Miyagi: Not great. Miyagi always look for way not to fight. Miyagi hate fighting, was most unfortunate.
Julie Pierce: Unfortunate? Come on! Aren't you glad you kicked some guy's butt?
Sgt. Kesuke Miyagi: Not want to kick anything. Was most unfortunate their butts attached to small brain.

Julie Pierce: I wish I had courage like you.
Sgt. Kesuke Miyagi: I wish I had chocolate bar with almonds.

Julie Pierce: Oh my God! My teeth don't match my nose!
Sgt Kesuke Miyagi: Teeth fine. Nose fine. Everything fit just fine.

Julie Pierce: What's going on?
Sgt. Kesuke Miyagi: Nothing just monks having good time.
Julie Pierce: I thought they were supposed to be spiritual leaders.
Sgt. Kesuke Miyagi: Never trust spiritual leader who cannot dance.

Sgt. Kesuke Miyagi: The sun is warm, the grass is green.
Julie Pierce: What?
Sgt. Kesuke Miyagi: If today Julie-san get angry, just you repeat those words.

[last lines]
Julie Pierce: Mr. Miyagi, come on admit it. We kicked some butt.
Sgt. Kesuke Miyagi: Julie-san, fighting not good. But if must fight... win.

Ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dry land.

Anyone who lose parent, have much grief. Grief trapped in heart become big anger.

Chris Conrad - Eric McGowan

Constance Towers - Louisa Pierce

Hilary Swank - Julie Pierce

Michael Ironside - Colonel Dugan

Pat Morita - Sgt Lesuke Miyagi