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Gee Money
Nick Peretti
Nino Brown
Old Man
Scotty Appleton

Is this one of those black things?

I had my jimmy waxed every day!

I wanna shoot you so bad, my dick's hard!

Oh shit, that's the kid I shot!

Man a drug dealer is the worst kind of brother. I mean, he won't sell it to his sister. He wont sell it to his mother, but he'll sell it to one a his boys on the street.

Yeah, yeah, yeah a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Now back to the titties-- what's goin' on in this drug store.

They got that shit hooked up like Mission Impossible, man!

[as Pooky peers into camera in despair] Scottie, help me - I'm gonna die!

(last lines) Idolater! Your soul is required in hell! [shoots and kills Nino]

I don't know about you, man? But I'm ready to kill Nino Brown.