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Abigail: You have the original Silence Dogood letters? Did you steal those too?!
Ben: I have scans of the originals. Quiet please.
Abigail: How did you get scans?
Ben: Because I know the man who has the originals, now shush.
Abigail: Why do you need them?
Ben: She really can't shut her mouth, can she?

Ben: Let them go, Ian.
Ian Howe: When we find the treasure.
Ben: No, now. Or you can figure out the clues for yourself. Good luck.
Ian Howe: Ben, I don't think you fully appreciate the gravity of the situation.

Riley: We're all gonna die.
Ben: It's gonna be OK, Riley. I'm sorry I yelled at you.
Patrick Gates: It's okay, kiddo.
Abigail: OK, boys, what's going on? The British came by sea. It was two lanterns, not one.
Patrick Gates: Ian needed another clue, so we gave it to him.
Riley: It was a fake. It was a fake clue.
Ben: The all-seeing eye. Through the all seeing eye.
Riley: That means by the time Ian has figured it out, we'd still be trapped and he'll shoot us then. Either way, we're going to die.
Ben: Nobody's going to die. There is another way out.
Riley: Where?
Ben: Through the treasure room.

I'm gonna steal it. [pause] I'm gonna steal The Declaration of Independence.

Ben: I'm in a little trouble.
Patrick Gates: Is she pregnant?
Ben: If she is would you leave the mother of your grandchild standing out in the cold?
Abigail: [to Riley] I look pregnant?
[He shakes his head]
Patrick Gates: Come in.

Abigail Chase: May I see the pipe?
Riley: We don't have it.
Abigail: Did Bigfoot take it?

(after being told to shut up at gunpoint) Okay....

Ben: I'm so sorry I dropped you - I had to save the Declaration!
Abigail: No, don't be. I would have done exactly the same to you.
Ben: Really?
Abigail: Yeah.
Riley: I would've dropped you both. Freaks.

[talking about The Declaration of Independence] It's surrounded by guards...and video monitors... and little families from Iowa... and little kids on their eighth grade field trip. And underneath an inch of bulletproof glass is an army of sensors and heat monitors if someone gets too close with a high fever. Now, when it's not on display, it is lowered into a 4 foot thick concrete, steel-plated vault that happens to be equipped with electronic combination lock and biometric access-denial systems.

Sadusky: Agent Dawes, do you have a visual? Do you see Gates in the water?
Agent Dawes: Sir? It's the Hudson. Nothing is visible.
Sadusky: Smart fish.

Abigail: You're treasure hunters, aren't you?
Ben: We're more like treasure protectors.

[Abigail is hiding from Shaw behind a meat counter]
Butcher Lady: If you're not a steak, you don't belong here.
Abigail: I'm just trying to hide from my ex-husband.
Butcher Lady: [sees Shaw] Who, Baldie?
Abigail: Yeah.
Butcher Lady: Honey, stay as long as you like.
[to Shaw]
Butcher Lady: Do you want something?
Shaw: [ignores her]
Butcher Lady: Do you want something?
Shaw: Shut up.
Butcher Lady: [to Abigail] I see why you left him.

Shaw: Ask your girlfriend. She's the one who's calling all the shots now. She won't shut up.

Abigail:There is not a map on the back of the Declaration of Independence!
Ben:And there's no chance that some one could steal this either! [holds up and shakes Declaration of Independence]

It's a big blue-ish green man... with a strange-looking goatee... I'm guessing that's significant. [hugs the statue]