Abigail: You can't just leave us here.
Ian Howe: Yes, I can. Unless Ben tells me the next clue.
Ben: There isn't another clue.
Riley: Ian, why don't you come back down here and we can talk through this together?
(Ian Howe points his gun at Riley)
Ian Howe: Don't speak again.
Riley: Okay...
Ian Howe: The clue. Where's the treasure? Ben?
Patrick Gates: The lantern.
Ben: Dad...
Patrick Gates: The status quo has changed, son.
Ben: Don't.
Patrick Gates: It's part of Freemason teachings. In King Solomon's temple there was a winding staircase. It signified the journey that had to be made to find the light of truth. The lantern is the clue.
Ian: What does it mean?
Ben Gates: Boston. It's Boston.
Patrick Gates: The Old North Church, where Thomas Newton hung a lantern in the steeple, to signal Paul Revere that the British were coming. One if by land, two if by sea. One lantern. Under the winding staircase of the steeple, that's where we have to look.
Ian Howe: Thank you.
Patrick Gates: Hey, you have to take us with you.
Ian Howe: Why? So you can escape in Boston? Besides, with you out of the picture, there's less baggage to carry.
Patrick Gates: What if we lied?
Ian Howe: Did you?
Ben: What if there's another clue?
Ian Howe: Then I'll know right where to find you. See you, Ben.
(Ian Howe escapes, leaving Ben and the others behind)
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