Midshipman Young: Fletcher, I'm proud to be with you.
Fletcher Christian: Well you've done rather well, Ned. Promoted to the rank of criminal. Not even 20 and a death sentence on your head.
"Bleigh" Mr Christian! Kindly give me an explanation.. "Christian" Williams is been drinking sea water sir.. I was giving him some fresh water..I'm afraid he'll die without it. "Bleigh" You'll give no one water without my permission Mr. Christian! Take that ladle below! "Christian" Aye-aye sir.. (Christian do his own, gives water to Williams and Captain Bleigh knocks his hand.. And Mr. Christian, knocking him down, says...) You bloody Bastard...You'll not put your foot on me again!!!== Taglines == The mightiest excitement that ever swept across the sea or the screen! TRUE...TURBULENT...TREMENDOUS! The greatest adventure ever lived becomes the greatest adventure ever filmed!
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