The Mummy Returns

The Mummy Returns quotes

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Alex O'Connell
Ardeth Bay
Jonathan Carnahan
Multiple Characters
Richard 'Rick' O'Connell

[on seeing Rick] YOU!

[to Alex] I hope your parents had a good ride.

[to Rick] Every time I hook up with you, I get shot. Last time I got shot in the ass. I'm in mourning for my ass!

This thing is filled with gas, dammit. Not hot air, gas. Where am I supposed to find gas around here? Bananas? Mangos? Tarzan's arse?

Whoa whoa whoa! She's faster than she looks. And she's quiet, real quiet. Perfect for sneaking up on people, which is a very good thing. [lowers voice] Unless we go with your approach: barging in face-first, guns blazing and getting your friends shot in the ass!

Well, that's not good.

It was ... my first bus ride

Get a room!

My dad is going to kick your ass!

[after accidentally destroying the temple's interior, therefore rescuing his parents from almost drowning] Mum...Dad...I can explain everything.

Anck-su-namun: Put your mask on. Let's not scar that pretty face!

Lock-Nah: NOW, can I kill him?

Rick: This is bad Evy.
Evy: We've had bad before.
Rick: This is worse.

Jonathan: I told you! I told you!
Meela: And your point is?
Jonathan: My point is, I told you so your wouldn't kill me.
Meela: When did we make that arrangement?

Rick: Ok, you're here, the bad guys are here, Evy's been kidnapped. Let me guess...
Ardeth Bay: Yes, they once again removed the creature from his grave.
Jonathan: I don't mean to point fingers, but isn't your job to make sure that doesn't happen?