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Lady Divine
Mr. David
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Bonnie: Mr. David, am I better than Lady Divine?
Mr. David: Different. Just completely different.

Mr. David: So you finally turned dyke, well, I'm not surprised!
Lady Divine: DYKE!? Look who's talking, all peroxided up!

Mink: Isn't there anybody else we could do it on? I mean...
Lady Divine: There's nobody left! Nobody!
Mink: We could find someone!
Lady Divine: Who, but who?!
Mink: God, there are hundreds of people I have in my fantasies! Ann Margaret, Patricia Nixon, Shirley Temple, the Pope!
Lady Divine: Oh Mink, we could go on for days! Oh it would be wonderful! Ronald Reagan and his family, the entire Baltimore police force, and BARBARA STREISAND!