Clarissa Saunders: Do you mind if I give you a rough idea of what you're up against?
Jefferson Smith: No. Nope. Go ahead.
Clarissa Saunders: Well, Senator has a bill in mind, like your camp...Now, what does he do? He has to sit down first and write it up - the why, when, where, how, and everything else. Now that takes time.
Jefferson Smith: But this one is so simple.
Clarissa Saunders: Oh I see, this one's simple.
Jefferson Smith: Yeah, and with your help...
Clarissa Saunders: Oh, I'm helping, yeah. Simple and I'm helping, so we knock it off in record-breaking time of, let's say, three or four days.
Jefferson Smith: Oh, a-a day.
Clarissa Saunders: [incredulous] A day?
Jefferson Smith: Yes, just tonight.
Clarissa Saunders: Tonight. I don't mean to be complaining Senator, but in all civilized countries, there's an institution called dinner.
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