Spoiler warning: Plot, ending, or solution details follow. [A special Theatrical Trailer for those watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ]
Mike: Okay, another Saturday night alone means only one thing: Charades! Your turn, Sulley.
[Sulley picks a piece of paper and reads it. He mimes a book.]
Mike: It's a book!
[Sulley mimes a camera]
Mike: A book...and a movie! Okay, two words. First word:
[Sulley points to fur under his arm]
Mike: Smelly. Stinky! [Sulley points to more fur] Furry, hairy, hairy, Harry! [Sulley nods] "When Harry met Sulley!" ...is not it. Okay, second word:
[Sulley picks up a flower pot and mimes digging]
Mike: Okay, you're digging, you're digging dirt. Harry, dirt..."Dirty Harry!"
[Sulley puts some flowers in the pot]
Mike: Okay, you've got flowers in the pot. "Harry Flowers"? "Harry Flower Pot?"
[Sulley puts on a pair of glasses with a lightning bolt attached to them, holds a toy owl in his hand and pretends to ride a broomstick]
Mike: Oh, I've got it! "The Sound of Music"!
[Sulley gives up, throws the glasses and owl aside and walks out]
Mike: Hey, where are you going? [Sees the glasses, figures it out] Wait, wait! I've got it! Harry Pot-
Monsters Inc.
Now playing at a theater near you.
Really near you.
Like, maybe, next door.
[It's Mike's turn]
Sulley: Movie. Two Words. [Mike starts striking a pose] Star Wars.
Mike: How do you do that?
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